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Surface-Enhanced Laser Desorption / Ionization (SELDI)is an ionization method in mass spectrometry that used for the analysis of protein mixtures.
SELDI is typically used with time-of-flight mass spectrometers and is used to detect proteins in tissue samples, blood, urine, or other clinical sapmles.
Comparison of protein levels between patients with and without a disease can be used for
biomarker discovery.
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Proteomics : Preparation for Seldi

Puce Dégradé

Our samples preparation system for SELDI analysis will allow you to optimize your experience plans in order to accelerate the discovery of biomarkers.

Its friendly user interface allows a precise management of your racks with spot per spot mode or entire racks.

With its specific channel for the precise deposit of the matrix, your spectra will achieve better quality.

It may be also used to dispense enzymes to do in situ digestion.
Automate de Préparation pour Seldi
Preparation for Seldi Robot
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