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Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) is a soft ionization technique used in mass spectrometry, allowing the analysis of biomolecules (biopolymers such as proteins, peptides and sugars) and large organic molecules (such as polymers, dendrimers and other macromolecules), which tend to be fragile and fragment when ionized by more conventional ionization methods.
It is most similar in character to electrospray ionization both in relative softness and the ions produced (although it causes many fewer multiply charged ions).

The ionization is triggered by a laser beam (normally a nitrogen laser). A matrix is ussed to protect the biomolecule from being destroyed by direct laser beam and to facilitate vaporization and ionization.
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Proteomics : Preparation for Maldi Imaging

Puce Dégradé

The Spootnik is a robot of samples preparation specially developed for the deposit of matrix on tissue slices.

In area mode or in profiling mode, Maldi Imaging becomes easier and your specters will achieve a better quality with a signal-to-noise ratio increased compared to other deposition modes.

It interfaces with Applied Biosystems 4800 Maldi TOF/TOF MS spectrometer so that laser targets the exact areas where the matrix has been deposed for a better spatial resolution.

Le Robot Spootnik
The Spootnik robot
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